Pera Ćetkovića 61, Podgorica

Patient testimonials


My experience: Last year I had a consultation with Dr. Dario Jocic in Podgorica, but by nature I am very skeptical and wanted to hear other opinions. I had five more examinations after his, both in Podgorica and in Belgrade. This year I decided to have the laser surgery done by Dr. Jocic. I was amazed, positively of course, by the result of my surgery, the approach of the doctor and his team in Podgorica. I would just say a big thank you. I’m not someone who is active on social media and likes to write a lot, but I had to share this experience. I recommend Dr. Dario Jocic to everyone.

Savo, Podgorica


When I came for the consultation and when they told me the price of the vein surgery, I was shocked. I couldn’t afford it and I saved money for a long time because after the experience of my cousin who had traditional surgery, I told myself I would never go through that, even if I never had surgery. I will just tell you that I had surgery in January and every cent I paid was worth it. A big hello to the doctor and his team, thank you so much!

Snezana, Mojkovac


“I have had problems with varicose veins for ten years and postponed the Doppler test for a long time because I subconsciously knew that I had to undergo surgery. Wounds began to open on my legs, and the skin turned blue. That was a sign that there was no more delay. The operation lasted half an hour, after which I immediately walked and behaved normally. After two days, I went to work wearing compression stockings that I wore for two weeks during the day and took off in the evening. I just want to say that I am more than satisfied.”

Ferid, Podgorica


If anyone is considering laser vein surgery, here’s my recommendation: PRIMUS MEDICAL! Dr. Jocić and his team first helped me perform everyday tasks like I used to, and now I can finally train as well.

Danilo, Herceg Novi


My daughter had surgery in 2019 with Dr. Dario, and I had it this year in January. I just want to say that, besides being a great expert, the doctor is a good and noble person. Thanks to the whole team for their kindness and care.

Dragica, Nikšić


The surgery was completed in 30 minutes; I went for a coffee with a friend afterward. If I had known it was so painless and the recovery was short, I would have had the surgery much earlier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Vesna, Kotor


Dr. Jocić is an excellent expert. Thank you very much for my, I can freely say, ‘new’ legs.

Ranka, Pljevlja


After the surgery, the pain in my legs disappeared. Thank you so much. All my recommendations.

Dragica, Kolašin


May you continue to be successful and help everyone like you helped me. Your patient.

Vanja Ćetkovic, Nikšić


I thought I would be bedridden for days after the surgery, but I went to work after just three days.

Emina, Nikšić


“An excellent doctor who does his job very successfully! A very kind team!”

Julija, London


If I had known it would be so painless, I would have gone much earlier. The relief is indescribable! Thank you very much.

Milena, Nikšić


My mother had swelling and severe pain in her legs; after the surgery, she’s a completely different woman. Thank you to the doctor and the kind staff.

Željka, Žabljak


I recommend everyone to go to Primus Medical. I got rid of my problems in a short time. Thank you!

Andrija, Podgorica


The best doctor, but I also have to praise the nurses who work with him; they are great. All compliments to the team!

Ivan, Podgorica


“I must say I had two laser surgeries in two months. The first time at one place, I was not satisfied. The second time with Dr. Jocić, thank you very much, doctor. I am more than satisfied.”

Marko, Budva